5 Easy Steps to Meal Prepping

  1. Routine – Your meal prepping should be based on routine to encourage habit. Go grocery shopping the same day every week, cook on the same day(s) and wash your containers on the same day(s)/cycle.
  2. Set a Goal – What is your purpose for mindful eating? Are you trying to lose weight, gain weight, tone, drop body fat, just be healthier etc.? You need to know exactly what you are trying to accomplish in order to ensure you are following an appropriate diet. If this is new to you, I recommend consulting a professional to assist you with your meal plan.
  3. Physical Activity – I’ve seen so many women with the mindset of “I’ll eat less to weigh less” but this can be unhealthy; especially if you’re performing vigorous exercise routines. Determine how active you plan to be for the week and ensure that you are giving your body enough calories.
  4. Nutrients – Find foods that are nutrient dense. If you are going to eat 1500 calories, make those 1500 calories count. Think of it like spending money, would you rather spend $100 & get 1 item or spend $100 & several get items (pretending quality is not a factor for this analogy)? The entire point of eating is to fuel our bodies (combined with a little enjoyment of course). Pick foods with lots of nutrients (vitamins, protein, omegas, fats, etc.). If you need a little guidance, check out my ’Get Yo’ Nutrients Girl – a List of 20 Foods’ blog post.
  5. Keep it Simple – If cooking isn’t on your list of favorites, make sure you decide on quick/ simple meals. Keeping it simple removes a lot of extra energy or thought that goes into meal prepping which may increase your success rate. I generally will do super simple/ repetitive breakfasts & lunches and then try new recipes for dinner or for my cheat meal.

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