5 Tips to Grow Your Booty

So, you want a bigger booty? First things first: do NOT determine that you need a bigger booty based off of comparing yourself to social media, celebrities or print media. A lot of what comes across our screens is unnatural (plastic surgery), photo shopped, or unrealistic in regards to the average woman.  We all have insecurities about one part of our body or another but, those insecurities should NOT stem from comparisons to unrealistic images. Now, having got off of my soap box regarding social medias effect on the self-image of woman, I can give you some tips on how you can grow that booty. #lilbootiesmatter

Hit those hammies! - Deadlift heavy and strengthen your lower back / hamstrings. This is important in lifting your booty. Lifted booties are the ones that have the crazy side angles.

Strengthen your abductors – Fight against the hip dips and round out that booty side to side.

Eat yo’ cornbread & collard greens – I’m just kidding but it is important to eat enough calories if you want to grow any part of your body. Hitting the gym hard + skipping meals = No Ass Angie, Hitting the gym + proper nutrition = Big Booty Judy.

Don’t skip core workouts! – You’re core is all connected to the outcome of your shape. Be sure to strengthen your lower back to help lift your booty & tighten your middle to make your booty look bigger by comparison.

Protein – Lifting heavy results in tears in your muscles, you need to repair those tears by ensuring you consume enough protein. This is how you hypertrophy or ‘grow’ your muscles.

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