Make Today Amazing

We often have a way of wanting to “start fresh next month”, “wait for the right time”, or “start next week”. When will we realize that these ideologies of perfect timing are not the recipe for success? God gives us 24 hours every day. In that 24 hours, you can make enormous changes, you can work toward your goals, you can start anew! I spend a lot of time listening to interviews or watching documentaries about individuals who have built great businesses or accomplished amazing things and they all have one specific thing in common. They all discuss having an idea or goal & working for it immediately. They didn’t take the time to create a flawless plan to ensure that they wouldn’t fail. They simply just got started and as bumps in the road came along, they figured out how to get past them. This idea of just moving forward and straying away from the more common idea of planning for everything is exciting and liberating. This ideology can be used to achieve various different goals. Make time every day to move toward your goals, no step is too small, no progress is too slow; just keep moving forward & you WILL achieve great things.

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