Me Time

As women, we naturally put others before ourselves: spouses, children, family… Many women go through a phase where they almost lose themselves: what do they enjoy doing? What makes them happy? What do they want in life? Etc.  because they are constantly worried about ensuring their loved ones are happy. It is important as women that we do not forget about ourselves: “Me Time”.  “Me Time” is a key factor for the health and wellness of women. According to several research studies, taking time for yourself improves overall happiness, allows you to” reboot” and gain clarity, improves patience with others, as well as a series of other benefits.  & it just feels good! Take alone time to do something that you enjoy! Now for those of you who struggle with how to spend your Me Time, here are some ideas:


  1. Have a spa day: take a bubble bath, exfoliate your skin, paint your nails/toes, pluck your brows, etc.
  2. Watch a few movies: if you’re a mom, going to the movies may equal Disney. Pop some popcorn, and use your me time to watch a few movies you enjoy.
  3. Read: Pour a glass of wine and get knuckles deep in a good book.
  4. Treat yourself to your favorite meal.
  5. Go on a nature walk.
  6. Get a massage.
  7. Bring your laptop to a café and write, surf the web, shop, etc.
  8. Go shopping – for YOURSELF, give yourself a budget and go out and enjoy
  9. Make a hair appointment: treat yourself to a new do
  10. My Personal favorite – Search Pinterest for a fun craft, head to Michaels or A.C Moore, make some tea and spend my Me Time crafting.

Whatever your interests are, don’t push them aside or neglect them; schedule your Me Time!

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