Are you drinking enough water?

Water is an essential part of our diet, similar to other macros such as protein, carbs, and fats. Our bodies need water to function at its optimal ability and when you are drinking enough water, you’ll notice the difference. Drinking water comes with many benefits that you’d love!

How much water should you be drinking?

I know many of us have seen these “water gallon challenges”, “8 bottles of water challenges”, etc. However just as any other part of our diet, how much water you should be drinking is dependent upon your size. A typical rule of thumb to follow is dividing your body weight by two and drinking that number of ounces. For example, if you are 140 lbs. you would drink approximately 70 ounces of water throughout the day. A majority of standard water bottles are 16.9 ounces. Therefore an 140 lbs. person should drink about 4 bottles of water a day. Here’s a chart for your convenience: @GlamFit_Chick  
120 lbs. 60 oz. Drink 3-4 water bottles
140 lbs. 70 oz. Drink 4 water bottles
160 lbs. 80 oz. Drink 4-5 water bottles
180 lbs. 90 oz. Drink 5 water bottles
200 lbs. 100 oz. Drink 5-6 water bottles
220 lbs. 110 oz. Drink 6 water bottles
240 lbs. 120 oz. Drink 6-7 water bottles

Hard for you to drink water?

Many people as say that “they dislike water”,”they forget to drink it”, etc. Here are some ideas to make it easier for you to hit your water goal each day.

  1. Make it creative – Try something like the picture above where you give yourself goals throughout the day to drink your needed water bottles. You can even write motivational quotes on each bottle.
  2. Make a rule – Always drink a glass of water before and after you eat. Drinking a glass of water before and after you eat not only helps you remember to drink more water it yields other benefits for those who are looking to lose weight. Drinking a glass before eating helps cut your appetite, decreasing the usual portion you would eat. Drinking a glass after eating helps clean your palette, decreasing additional cravings and keeping you from over eating.

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